Digital Lab Application

It's time to make plans for the 2nd Semester! Would you like for your child to attend our digital lab? We are asking all parents to reapply to have their child attend.

Our lab was full first semester, but many of the students did not attend regularly and some who did attend were not cooperative and/or did not complete their work. This took seat space away from students who needed the extra support and were willing to do the work.

To be approved, you must complete this form: If your child is selected to attend, you must agree to have your child attend regularly and your child must complete their work and be cooperative with staff. Students who do not attend regularly, are not cooperative, or do not complete their work will be dropped from the digital lab roster.

The Digital Lab will re-open on Tuesday, January 19th!

NIMS Volleyball Teams

NIMS Volleyball teams collected toys for Matthew 25 to help those in our community this Christmas. One community, one family, one team one goal!

Dress Code

Click on the link to see NIMS Dress Code....remember to Dress for Success!

8th Poe

Mrs Cassidy's ELA classes have been studying Edgar Allan Poe...Who Said It? Poe or Pop Music

Poe vs Pos

Poe inspired Black Out Poetry by 8th grade students.

I am great photo

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